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Instructions for use are available on our website (here) and comprehensive instructions for use are available on site at each LAUNDROMAT. If you have any further questions, please contact us by phone: +371 20307400 or email [email protected]

The price of washing your laundry depends on the size of washing machine you choose. We have two sizes of washing machines – 9 kg and 17 kg. LAUNDROMAT laundry washing services are available from €5.4. In addition, LAUNDROMAT loyalty cards that offer additional discounts are available to our regular customers.

Yes, LAUNDROMAT has washing machines that can wash very large textiles – up to 17 kg.

No, LAUNDROMAT uses high-quality detergents and softeners, which are calculated automatically by the machine in the proportions required and are already included in the price of the washing service. The use of your own detergents is not allowed in LAUNDROMAT.

Yes, for your safety and ours, LAUNDROMAT premises are monitored by video surveillance. Our privacy policy is available here.

Yes, you can wash down duvets in LAUNDROMAT washing machines. LAUNDROMAT has washing machines with capacity up to 17 kg. Follow the recommendations for proper drying of down products.

To prevent deformation (shrinkage) of the clothes, the dryer should only be used for clothes that have a label indicating that they are dryer-safe. Follow the LAUNDROMAT Terms of Use here (link) and do not use LAUNDROMAT dryers for textiles that are not allowed to be dried at LAUNDROMAT.

For information on what is not allowed to be washed in LAUNDROMAT washing machines, please refer to the LAUNDROMAT Terms of Use here. Do not use LAUNDROMAT washing machines for textiles that are not allowed to be washed in LAUNDROMAT.